Request your TX3A QSL online
We offer you an Online QSL Request Form if you have worked TX3A and would like to receive your TX3A QSL automatically mailed to you or automatically sent through the QSL bureau. You do not need to send us your card! Bureau card requests are FREE. For a minimum payment of 5 US$ or 4 Euro we will send your TX3A QSL card directly to you.
We have arranged so that you can make your payment to the TX3A QSL Mailing Service via PayPal.  It's free, easy, secure and you can contribute with a major credit card. AND, you don't even have to have a PayPal account to do so!
All surplus funds received will go to the TX3A DXpedition.
If you wish to contribute separately for the TX3A DXpedition, please visit http://tx3a.com/support.html.

We prefer requests through the OQRS as it is easier to handle than processing thousands of incoming envelopes and QSL cards, but should you prefer NOT to request your card online using the OQRS system, please see our QSL info page at http://tx3a.com/qsl.html for traditional ways of QSL-ing!
How does the TX3A Online QSL Request work?
Your first choice is whether you want to receive your TX3A QSL card automatically via the bureau or automatically mailed directly to you. For both services you need enter your callsign, all QSOs you have had with TX3A and optional comments. Enter your QSL request for all your QSOs with TX3A only once.
When using the Online QSL Request Service, do not send any further cards via the bureau or direct! This means extra, unnecessary work for us.

The automatic mailing requires a minimum payment of 5 US$ or 4 Euro made through PayPal on the next pages of the Online QSL Request Service form if you choose this service.
The QSL manager will check all your QSOs entered in the Online QSL Request Form against the TX3A log. Your QSL will be mailed directly to you using the address that you provided. Please be patient as this will be a formidable task! We will attempt to answer direct online requests in a timely manner.

The QSL manager will check all your QSOs against the TX3A log, prints the QSL labels and sends your TX3A QSL via the bureau. This service is of course FREE, but we do appreciate donations.